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Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

Google Ad Grants is the nonprofit arm of Google Ads. It funds nonprofit organizations with $10,000 of Google Ads advertising per month to promote their missions and initiatives free on Google search result pages.

The Google Ad Grants program is a must for all eligible charitable organizations. It is a unique opportunity for nonprofit organizations to extend their public service messages to a wider audience in an effort to gain new donors, attract volunteers, and further your organization’s impact.  Our Google Ad Grants specialists can help you apply to be included in this program.  We are a Google Partner and use our knowledge to help your organization.

Google Ad Grants For Nonprofits

Build Your Brand & Raise Awareness

Increase Donations & Fundraising

Connect With Supporters & Volunteers

Increase Website Visitors & Conversions

Promote Events & Sell Tickets

Build Email Lists & Relationships

Build Your Brand & Raise Awareness

Increase Donations & Fundraising

Increase Website Visitors & Conversions

Connect With Supporters & Volunteers

Promote Events & Sell Tickets

Build Email Lists & Relationships

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Who is eligible to receive the grant?

The main requirement for 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States is that a tax exempt status has been received from the IRS. Additionally, other requirements include:

  • Your organization may not be or function as a governmental body, an educational institution, or a hospital
  • Your organization must agree to and abide by the terms of service stipulated in relation to Google Ads and Google for Nonprofits
  • The organization’s website cannot be under a different entity’s domain or be on a third-party site like Facebook, and must ensure their site is hosted on a separate domain name
  • Websites must contain a SSL certificate

Any nonprofit organization or charity in the United States can apply and qualify for the Google Ad grant as long as they meet the above eligibility criteria.

Google Ad Grants Acquisition

If your organization meets the criteria, congratulations! The next thing you will need to do is go through the application process.

The application process can be tedious and confusing, but our experienced Google Ad Grant experts have gone through this process many times and understand what it takes to get approval and achieve success with nonprofit advertising.

Initial Consultation

Our Google Ad Grants writers are industry specialists. We work with every type of nonprofit organization, large and small on a daily basis. Our experience in the nonprofit sector sets us up to hit the ground running on your behalf.

Website Readiness

One of Google’s eligibility requirements is to have a website the meets certain criteria. Our experienced developers will make sure that your website is up to standard. If there are any issues, we will resolve them in consultation with you.

Grant Application

Sit back and leave your Google grants application to us. If we need any documentation from you during the acquisition process, your 9Marketing account manager will reach out to you.

Google Ad Grants Management

After you are approved for your Google Ad Grant, our experts will do a complete analysis of your organization and online presence, then create and maintain your Google Ad campaigns.

Did you know that the average nonprofit will only use about 3% of their $10,000 monthly budget?

This means the average nonprofit is leaving $9,700 unused per month! With our team of certified experts, we can help your nonprofit use the full $10,000 Google Ad Grant and allow you to devote your time to running your nonprofit organization.


Our experts will thoroughly get to know your organization, your goals, and your needs, then we will create Google Ad campaign tailored to your needs.


After your Campaigns and Ads have been created, we will start strategically running your Ads so relevant users see them.


Our experts monitor your campaign, present reports to you and then make alterations to your campaign to make sure you are getting the best results from your grant money.


The ongoing end product of all our hard work is increased exposure for your organization, new volunteers and more donations. All of this without having to spend a dime on Ads!

From Google Ad Grant Application to Management, and Reactivation, We Have You Covered!

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